Easter Promotion: 100$ Bonus for Mobile UA!

Don’t you love the holidays? Our app developers certainly do!:o

Holidays are the prime time for mobile apps to reach optimal exposure.

Holiday spending is expected to reach a new high in 2015. Additionally, people naturally flock to app stores because they aren’t busy at work. App developers need to take advantage of the influx of activity and put their app in the spotlight!

In the spirit of celebration, Supersonic is offering an egg-cellent promotion- we will double your $100 deposit when yousign up! :cool:
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[li]1-stop shop[/li]Supersonic’s lightweight SDK provides a solution for both your user acquisition and monetization needs; with the option of Rewarded Video, Interstitials, Offerwall and Video Mediation.
[li]24/7 Support[/li]We’re just a question away! Our talented team is always available and dedicated to your goals.


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Feel free to message me for anything- assistance, questions or inquiries!:slight_smile:

Appy Holidays!

Quick update about the promotion - Instead of getting an extra $100 we are passing out DOUBLE bonus for Easter Sunday!
~ First 10 signups today will receive an extra $200 to his initial $100 deposit!
(Offer valid only for new users)


In the spirit of spring- we’ve decided to extend our Easter Promotion! All new [b]sign ups[/b]get $100 BONUS to use on mobile user acquisition. Sign up [b]HERE[/b]!

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Appy Weekend!