Easily accept bitcoin on android devices for in-app/in-game purchases.

Would you like to circumvent the Google Play store entirely in order to get money for your apps? The biggest issues with producing android games are 1, you have to create a good one, 2, you have to have an online presence with google, and most of all 3, you have to get people to use your game. When there are literally millions of other games in the play store, this is very difficult, and even after all that, Google takes 30% of your earnings. However, there are bitcoin user groups that have over a hundred thousand users on them (i.e. http://www.reddit/com/r/bitcoin), that all they want to do is spend their bitcoin. This is a huge market. An example of this is the release of the app ‘bitcoin billionaire’ which has in-app payments of $1 to $25, and they don’t even do it with bitcoin. It has already been downloaded between 100 and 500 thousand times. The satoshi dice gambling site was sold for over $11 million dollars. A huge market.

DC POS has created an Android API Toolkit that allows you to easily accept bitcoin. This technology will :
[li]Allow you to accept payment from the millions of consumers with bitcoin, immediately, and on impulse.
[/li][li]Allow payments to you to be done anonymously for the user if you wish to.
[/li][li]Allow your customers to instantly and seamlessly purchase your products and services (using their existing bitcoin wallets).
[/li][li]Make payments that are immediately available to you. DC POS never handles your money.
[/li][li]Remove the risk of reversed payment. The time to reconciliation of payment in bitcoin is generally under three seconds, and is non-reversible.
There is a youtube video of how the toolkit accepts a payment of $1.

DC POS also has a facility for reconciliation into fiat currencies at the end of every business day, at the price at the time of transaction. If you charge your customer $2, you receive $2. This removes any risk of bitcoin price volatility. Our developers have worked hard to make it simple and easy to integrate our new in-app purchasing system into any android app. Major organizations currently accepting bitcoin are Microsoft, Dell, Overstock, Expedia, Tiger Direct, and growing daily.

Download the android/java toolkits :
Documentation for the java library :
The DC POS Community/forum :

Feel free to ask me any questions if you would like clarification. The community forum is for asking questions on how to implement the toolkit, or general questions of how the technology works. The community is freely accessible, but only targeted towards developers (like you) at present.


It’s great these sorts of in-app bitcoin services for Android developers are finally starting to be offered. I like quick payouts rather than having to wait 30 days like Google Play requires.