earnings and ctr dropped in new admob

i have just moved to the new admob, and i’ve been using the legacy one from march 2013, i dont have super earnings, only few $ daily, but when i switched to the new one, its really horrible , CTR and earnings are reduced tooooo much , almost no earnings but few cents daily.
anyone having same problem? anyone knows how to fix this ?

Everything’s been working fine for me.

I’ve been having the same problem the last week. I used to have 1-1.5% CTR. The last week I’ve been having 0.1-0.2%. I don’t get it…

Yes my daily earnings also dropped after moving to new admob the first week but seems to be normal now again.

I just noticed that the stats are now shown in EUR (USD in old admob), so my previous statement is completely wrong, my revenue is up big time after the switch to new admob. NICE!

Exact same here, loving the new AdMob(i honestly never though it say that about admob).

There is a raise in eCPM also on old adMob. Just so you know. :wink:

My old admob raise a bit since Sunday but today drop like stock market crash.

yup, about 25% less for me. damn i was hoping this wasnt a temp fluke.

Google Play daily downloads also same for me…