Earning Money From Android Apps


Everybody want to earn money from android apps. So they put ads to applications. They can earn money from ads when clicking the ads. But a lot of people dont click the ads.

I want to speak of that some people develop system. They has a system. The system has many real user. The users click ads. So you earn money. They wants fifty percent to your money. If anybody want to try it, I will help you.


those people are getting apps for free already ! Now they want also be paid for having free apps ???
What a joke !

Most people dont understand how difficult and expensive it is to develop an app!
Most developers are spending several ten thousand dollars into one app… and most can not even get to break-even point !

If people dont like free apps with some ads in it … they should buy paid apps !

No, you dont understand. They dont want to your app. They provide earning money for you. For example; if you earn 100 dollars under favour of they, they want to take 50 dollars.
Do you understand?

i don’t understand

It’s easy. You need clicking ads, they do that. For example; my company has 100 people. They install you app and click ads in your app. So you earn money.

and Ad account banned in couple of days …

No bro :slight_smile: I have used it in 4 month and no banned.

it is not allowed to force people clicking ads !!!
admob / google will recognize this soon and account gets banned ! You will loose everything !
Do you really think i will risk my app with 3 mio downloads for only some hundred people clicking again and again on ads ?

You are only stupid !

I’m not a stupid, it is your opinion.
How much do you earn ? I earn 1000 - 1500 euro from 4 apps - 35000 installs.

i am earning 10000 - 15000 usd every month and it is legal - not this scammy shit you are doing !

It is very good. Well, how to earn the money? Only ads? Can I see your app? I have wondered.

i will not give my app url to a scammer like you !

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m not a scammer.

What ads network is required ? Any ads network or only 1 like admob ?

Any ads. You can explain your ads network policy and they start to earn money for you.

Ok. Do i need upload my app to play store or just give them download link. Do you have skype ?

You should give your app url which is in google play store. Then they deal with you about the money.
I dont use skype, I use hangout. Your application how much has been download?


Looks like you are teaching grown kids how to wear condom in wrong way.
Most of the guys in this forum already enjoying sex in legal way and you are unnecessarily trying to sell ****** to them and weak their system.
Better spend sometime on your english and find appropriate place to sell your secrets.
Hope it helps.

Your example is very cute. I dont teach anything to someone in here. I just say that an earning money tech. You or someone can not believe the method.
I have developed android application in 5 years for company or people. I’m a software developer, I’m not a seller or liar.
By the way I’ll take your advice under consideration :slight_smile: