Earning for 15k impression per day?


Just wondering how much can i earn from 15k impression per day?
Currently i’m earning $1 per day.
Thank you.

thats very low, you can get $5-$10 for that much impression

what kind of app is it?


It’s a find the differences game.
Just published for 2 months.
I hardly get $2 per day.
Is this normal?
From your experience, how long do i have to wait to see a better result?

Thank you.

2 months is enough to get the result, have you added interstitial?


This is the link to my game.
I’m using appbrain interstitial on exit.
Leadbolt banner and appwall for top apps button.
Vungle video between every 3 levels.

Thank you.

From the link you posted i don’t think your app can have 15k impressions per day as each app has 50-100 downloads. Plus it depends on your ctr also.


I actually have 4 apps.
The first find differences game with 1000 to 5000 downloads.
And the other find differences food game with 500 to 1000 downloads.
2 slide puzzle games with 50 to 100 downloads so far.

Thank you.

Just to mention, that impressions alone do not earn you money - clicks earn you money.

Improve your click rate - when at ~1% you should get some bucks out each month.

Just to mention, I also have a game with many many many impressions and nearly no clicks at all - it’s the nature of the game, people just don’t care about ads - the game is playe din situations where they just wont click them - easy like that. Ending with 100k and just a hand ful clicks. Such apps cannot be improved without abusing the user. Make them paid instead

Maybe you are doing it wrong, how many downloads do you have??
Sometimes when you develope an app the ads are refreshing every new activity and thats why you get so much impressions, but the numbers should be less than that. Do you understand what I’m trying to explain you??

you can try some other network for the banners leadbolt are not that good lately

it does not seems that your app getting 15k impression daily with just 1000-5000 downloads overall.

I see that you have now for Find Differences about 10,000 - 50,000 Installs - any improvement on revenue?

Yes, my revenue has increased to $10 - $15 per day.
I have changed from leadbolt to startapp.
Currently, i’m using appbrain, vungle n startapp.

How did you promote your app?are this app in top free in some countries?

I did not do any marketing to promote my apps.
Just lucky that they are driving 1000 new installs daily.
Maybe it takes a few months to increase the user base and using the right advertisement network.
Appbrain and Startapp interstitial ads did well for me.

Thanks for information!!

Per 15k impressions I’m getting around $50 on avarage, so your defenetly not milking that cow to it’s limit.

Airpush is also good.
try this one.

Oh, that’s a good revenue!
Which ad networks are you using?
How many daily active users and daily installs are you getting?

Admob, DAU 550, DI 10 on avarage.