Earning Expectations

Hi guys!

In a few days will be ready my first android game:D and i wanna ask you because you have some experience how much should i expect to earn with admob if my app game will get let’'s say about 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 in a few months [4].

Please answer with a good faith, if you wanna be ironical please go to other thread.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Thats actually very hard to tell because it depends on the country your app gets downloaded and played more often.

Lets assume 60-150 USD for 15.000 downloads a day.

Dummie, Thanks for you reply!

Do you have idea after download how many from that 15.000 will come back next day, week, month? 10%; 30% 1%?

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Your questions are very broad, it would be extremely hard to dictate how many users will come back the next day.

It is all down to how good your game/app is, and what type of game/app it is.

Hi AlphaJack and thanks for the reply!

I know is hard to say but i talk in average per type of app i mean app games in average what rate of coming back has if you know - you can spoke from your experience.


Well, if you created a game with just one level and the concept is very boring users won’t play it very long. If you created a game with multiple levels they might want to complete it and they come back. If you provide further level updates you even might be able to keep a stable user base. If you create a very useful app users might even use it every day. It all depends.

The next big factor is the kind of monetization you choose. If you go for banner ads only your income won’t be very high. Thats why you should go for interstital ads.

But don’t ask too many questions. Just do it. You wll gain new experiences that you can apply to new apps. It’s a steady process of learning and applying the things you just learnt. But keep in mind that there isn’t just a right and wrong. One thing thats work for a single app could fail in another app. Thats why you really should make your own experiences. Because thats the only thing that really counts.

BTW how you expect such a high downloads?How you will market it?

My app wasn’t that sccesful. It’s in the 10k-50k range but we had good days when we got 1000-1300 downloads per day. With that ammount of downloads we made about 25-30 dollars per day from banners only from admob. Sadly we didn’t have interstitials at that moment but I assume it would have been at least double. So for 1 000 000 downloads in 4 months that’s about 35k downloads that means your income per day should be veeeeery nice :slight_smile: about 2-3k dollars i would say. (NOTE: most of my downloads were from the US, that counts too)

You should hope for the best and prepare for the worst, that said: expect to earn modestly. Let me give you an example:
I have an app with around 500 active users that generates around 15k ad impressions per month and another one with around 1500 active users that generates around 1500 ad impressions per month. You can do the rest of the math, but you do understand that giving you any hints wihtout empirical data is divination at most :slight_smile:

Worst case scenario, a million downloads will net you 5000 dollars - best case, sky is the limit.

The question is really very broad.
Its all depends on RPM you are getting with each installs as well as the Adverts Look with all advts and Interstitial clicks. \

Admob is nice…


Thank you guys for your answers!

I do SEO for living and there i know if a keyword has 200k searches per month and i put the site in the first position i expect to get between 2-3.5k visitors per day as long my site will stay #1.

This is how i see what’'s happen with app:

With the app [games] is tricky in guess because user will install, will play and that’'s it, never coming back and you must get tones of downloads every day in order to make some income. Maybe i’m wrong but how long a user will play the same game assuming that are tones in GP for free.

I have negative expectation with my app but i wanna understand how this apps work also the behavior for the end user.

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How did you find out the KW had 200K searches just on mobile on Android devices only? Nice keyword btw