Earning 300$ a day now

Hey guys …I have been in this form from a long time…previously my earnings are 100-150$ a day …I left my full time job when I had 50$ a day because in India its a lot…I struggled a lot in these two years…I had lost my google account once in the start though its my mistake after that I changed my policy to making apps…I get 15$ a day from my full time job those days… I worked so hard to understand the industry over 6-10 months and from the last 15 days my earning are increased to 300$ a day …Presently I am working on Unity Games…One of my friend joined me on this journey 20 days back…we looking forward to make 600$ a day by end of may 2016…I don’t have so many apps on play store I have just 8 apps and they are good…i want to you to motivate us to achieve that…I know many of you earn more than 500$ a day but for me 300$ is a lot…

What games are they? How are they monetised?

Puzzle games and Utility apps…I use Heyzap mediation in couple of apps with FAN,admob …For the Remaining apps I am using admob and mobilecore…

congrats man, happy for you!

Congrats man, thats good to hear. It takes a lot but its definitely possible to make a lot with apps. I’m still in the process of getting some Android apps out but I do very well with iOS.

Congrats and keep up the good work!

Congrats mate =D

Congratz and dont forget that this may change to worse, so keep working hard:)

Thanks man… It may change to worse that’s why we are working for multiple platforms from now on (ios,windows,desktop and Android)…

Congrats man

Congratulations NokiaDev, and thanks for encouraging your fellow developers :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you consider trying AdBuddiz on one of your games. We have an SDK for Unity, and are launching our premium video ads in the immediate future.



…and that’s why he shouldn’t use your network. Keep your spam somewhere else.

Congrats Nokia and I belive, it’s not your limits, $300 is easily to drop, push more, work more and go to get your $600 with old and stable ad networks :wink:

Didn’t mean to strike a nerve ramzixp, apologies.

Thanks for the greetings…may be I use your network in my app someday for now I stick with my old and best networks…

Congratulations NokiaDev, How many times you got banned from Google before it generate 300$/day? and Do you re-skin apps from banned acc then publish to new one?

I lost my account once in the early days its my mistake though…No ,I never reskin apps before but my friend joined with me now we are planning to buy templates in unity store and using for upcoming games along with our development…

Thanks, but my means did you re publish your app from banned acc?

Congrat dude! Keep going and enjoy your success! Can you share me some stats regarding your apps to achieve such a good result:

1.Number of total downloads
2.Number of DAU

No,I didn’t republished them in new account but I made huge changes from old account to new account app idea…

congratz friend.

do you use paid advertising to get downloads? how do you get initial downloads when you publish a game?