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Supersonic is excited to launch its [b][SIZE=4]Referral Program[/b]! [/SIZE]

Invite Mobile developers to sign up to Supersonic, and receive 50$ into your paypal account once they start running campaigns!

Why is this the best referral program EVER? :cool:
Because we want you to make money! To help you generate more signups we included a special media kit with a designated landing page and banners in thereferral program platform so you can offer [SIZE=4]$120 bonus to whoever signs up with your link. Use the media kit to advertise on your blog, social media channels, email and etc. [/SIZE]

The more signups you refer the more money you earn. The potential is unlimited!


Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Share the love. Make a profit! :o

Just got my payment of $150! More on the way!

SuperS0nic is awesome!

What if someone doesn’t use paypal?

Hey taimur97,
if you don’t use Paypal, Supersonic can pay you through bank transfer but its a monthly payout, not daily.

my friend deposit $100, but I haven’t received $50

would be really nice if you fix your issues with interstitials. Rewarded video and offerwall work just fine, but interstitial sometimes just doesn’t show (says not available). You can test it via your test app too.

your interstitial really looks nice, so would like to check it out, if it worked.

If anyone wants to get these 120$ - you can use my ref link : Supersonic - Earn an extra $120 bonus

Hi Dr. Hu,

It takes up to 48 hours to see the money in your account. If you’d like to send me your e-mail by message, I can make sure you get your reward as soon as possible.

Hi Javanshir,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with our interstitials- we’re on it! see inbox for instructions. :slight_smile:

I contacted before, but the problem wasn’t solved. this time I sent a video, to you and to the support showing the problem. Hope you can fix it now :slight_smile:

I found the problem, talked to support. You only show 4 interstitial ads per device, that is your policy. So, if you show 2-3 ads per session and user opens the app again, he will not see any ad anymore. It is very wrong, but your support said - it is your policy, so nothing to say about it.

Really? You mean 4 interstitials with 1 app advertised, or 4 interst. at all? If at all it is very low amount:/

seems like per app and per device. So I tested in the morning, I saw some impressions, hours passed, still not available. Totally meaningless for CPI network.Could be only to not have server overload, but still meaningless

looks like there is problem today, my account no data at all

Really? My account is doing fine… Open a ticket for Support Dr.Hu >> Supersonic

how long it take to recive my money
i get 50$ at my account

Hi hassen66,

Congrats on making a referral! We pay on a weekly basis, usually monday or tuesday. So you should see your referral bonus in your account in the next couple of days!

How does it work now guys?

is tuesday why i did not get paid?

I also didnt get money for referral