duplicate content

What is check seo duplicate content …?

SEO duplicate content means content already existing on other websites and indexable resources and thus detected as copypaste by search engines.
It can be identical comments on different forums, classical spam, same or very similar text of articles and blog posts.

If you’re promoting some new website, it’s very important to check uniqueness of your promoting content, because your risk to get penalties from google.

There are a lot of different interesting free or paid tools able to help you indentify plagiat or duplicate content in your texts and guest posts.
As for me, I like to use these free tools:

https://paperleaf.ca/ (there is good plagiarism checker on this website)

or check it here: https://www.quetext.com/

Hope my answer was useful for you.

“Copy-pasta texts” refer to blocks of text that are repeatedly copied and pasted across the internet, often as memes, jokes, or viral content. These texts can be humorous, satirical, or absurd, and they spread rapidly through online communities, contributing to internet culture and humor.