(Dude)SDK Downloads

Hello everyone, I have a question about Sdk Downloads.

get paid for downloads for your app or the app downloads the ads?

what happens is I’m not getting the downloads

someone clarify me this doubt, thanks.

Screenshot - 28_05_2014 , 10_39_57.jpg

That column is just for PPD. If you include their PPD SDK and the user accept the EULA then it registers a download. Their PPD format is soon to be depreciated though.

If you are only using their traditional ad units like Banner and Interstitial then pay no attention to this download column.

how to I can integrate in InApp Plus SDK or SearchBox SDK in my app?

Click “Edit App” on the dashboard and select the extra SDK and follow the instructions.
Their PPD plan is ending on July 31st mind.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the PPD plan is ending on July for everyone or you supposed is ending only for me ?

its ending for everyone after 31st July unless they re-think about it. You need to add all ads viz splash, slider and interstitial to get PPD from startapp

Dude :open_mouth: what im doing wrong :,(( , could someone help me please ,
i was thinking it was need 500 impressions to get small money and it seems like you got 78 impression and ever 1.22$ as eCPM and 0.10$ as

You are probably doing nothing wrong and have no reason to worry!
You and @pmanuel013 are both pushing a very low amount of impressions in these screenshots. eCPM measures how much you make per 1k impressions, which means you need at least a few thousand impressions to get an accurate eCPM reading.
It is possible to not generate any revenue from even a thousand impressions, but someone either clicked on a CPC campaign ad or installed a CPI campaign app in @pmanuel013 's app by chance. Usually you wouldn’t see any revenue from just 78 impressions.
Because he got that interaction from just 78 impressions the eCPM works out his data based on that.

Wait until you get a couple of thousand impressions going and you will see real results.

Ok thank you for your answer i am young in android developement , its more clear now for me thanks again :wink: