DroidGenie's Official Game Reskinning Business ( Will Open Soon )

Hi I am DroidGenie and I will be starting up a Game Reskinning Business.

I will be reskinning some games and then offer them for sale here to the highest Bidder. I am currently working on a few games now and once done I will post them up here for sale.

What users will get as part of the sale is unique graphics that I create for the game, this will make each game unique and will not contain graphics ripped off the internet like others do, If I do get some graphics they will be paid for from a subscription i have to a few graphic websites.

  1. Unique Graphics
  2. Ad-Network of Choice
  3. Compiled APK with No Ads and One with ads of Choice
  4. Unique Keystore file for the game.
  5. App Icon and Screenshots

Other Services I will do is Live Wallpapers:

I will convert your animated gifs into Live Wallpapers. I can also take your 480x800 background and do a glitter effects LWP or a cool Fire Flames LWP using OpenGL technology, The glitter and fire will also have touch effects.

I will do them for $2.50 for each LWP or will do bulk discount of 10 for $20. This will be a cheap way to get apps into your app portfolio.

For Live Wallpapers I can do StartApp, Mobilecore, Airpush, Leadbolt, Appnext, Hummermobi (3rd Party Stores Only),Heyzap, Mobvista, Appnext, Admob(no interstitial ad on app launch)

Here are some apps in my app profile.

Animated Gif Style LWP

Fire Flames Live Wallpaper

Glitter Live Wallpaper

Some Games I created:

Danny’s Epic World

Monkey Cart Jungle Run

Tony’s Gay Pride Adventures

BreakOut Valentine’s

Night Rider Racer

8-Bit Racer

Zoo Animals Puzzle

Prison Escape

The above games are old and my new stuff will be much much better. :slight_smile:

First Game for Sale:

You Get APK File of the Game with choice of Ad-Network.
APK File with No Ads
App Icon + Screenshots

Only $25


Cheap Game to add to your app portfolio.

This game will be good for Applovin, Heyzap or perhaps Appodeal.

Private Message me if you want to buy this game. After I get your payment I will try to get the final product to you with-in 24-48 hours.

Youtube GamePlay Video Link