Droidcon London

Anyone going to Droidcon London tomorrow by any chance? Would be interesting to meet someone from this forum in real life :slight_smile:


Hi Max,

I wanted to come but the ticket is really expensive and it adds to the train ticket from Edinburgh to London for me.
So, if you go there, please share everything you will find useful there. :smiley:

That was a good conference.
Audience was mostly professional mobile developers making apps to customer specs rather than Indie devs like us but I’ve also met with a couple of independent publishers.

There were many interesting sessions, mostly technical about specific topics. Two that could be especially relevant to us were few talks about the Nook store which could be an interesting addition to main Google Play. It is a bit of a niche store focusing on families and curating ads quite heavily but if you have an app that would be appropriate it could be easier to stand out from the crowd. It looked like my apps would fit perfectly but unfortunately the Nook store is available only to developers from a few countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany) and I am from none of them :frowning:

The second interesting talk was about new Facebook API released a couple of days ago which seems to make FB integration very very simple. Previously it was tons of hard work. I’ll be definitely looking into adding some FB social aspects to my games soon.
Slides available: https://speakerdeck.com/sicross/facebook-sdk-3-dot-0-for-android-droidcon-london-oct-2012

From the technical side one I recommend watching is about the use of Fragments and why this is the way to go nowadays: http://prezi.com/fh2uslbr1xs3/the-fragment-transition/

I’ll be definitely coming next year. This time will buy ticket early (50 GBP for super early bid vs 200 for standard ticket like I did this year).