Drive in more active users & generate more revenue

Do you have a dynamic android app with a large user base but not much daily active users ? What if a 10 lines of code and a 20KB SDK can improve the user engagement of your app ?

For many apps , push notifications has played a critical role to success . Push notification is a feature which is used by the apps to alert smartphone owners about the content updates , messages and other events regarding the app . The right and appropriate push messages can engage your users and skyrocket your active users graph .

Imagine you have developed an app which is a catalogue of recipes . You have added a new recipe to your app but how will the user know about the new content which is added ? In traditional way the user has to open the app and check for new content regularly . But with the push notifications , you can let your users know about the new content as a new notification in their notification bar . Pretty simple and effective , isn’t it ? Yes but it is hard to implement the push notification technology since it requires management of hundreds of thousands or even millions of devices . MobioPush is a service which enables the app developers to make use of push notification feature of android smartphones to improve the user experience and thus to drive in more daily active users .

This platform allows app developers to completely take advantage of the push technology without going through the complexities of managing a secure backend . It stores your users details on its servers and allows you to send highly targeted push notifications to these users through a simple dashboard system . Developers can easily create targeted push notifications through the online notification composer . The service currently supports location targeting as well as language targeting .

Mohammed , the co-founder of Mobio Global says that the mobiopush services will be soon extended to more more operating systems and the plugins for game engines will be released within a short time period .

" BackEnd as a service providers are in dozens but MobioPush is more likely to help the small & medium app developers to generate more revenue from their apps through active user engagement " Says Navaneeth

MobioPush is presently available for the developers through the website .

Sorry to burst your bubble but 1 you posted in the wrong section and 2 you do not comply with google. If you can’t take out the time to post in the right section , your not going to take care of your customers.

I think he posted in the right section, and FYI, push messages are completely ok by google policy.

Push notifications are ok, indeed a great many google apps use them, such as gmail, g+, etc.

What aren’t allowed are push ads. So you can use push to genuinely notify the user about something within your app. What you can’t do is use push to try to drive users to another app or ad.

Sorry guys I thought it said push ADs , not notification. I was speed reading thanks for pointing it out .

How can I change my plan to free promo plan?

Hello ,

First of all , MobioPush is not a ad network and push messaging is 100% compliant with playstore policies . Only push notification advertising is not allowed .

I think it is the right section because what we are doing is marketing services .

Thank You

Your free account comes with a limit of 2000 devices . if you want to activate 5000 devices free promo , please message me your username or contact customer support .

Thanks for support they activated it