Dried meat recipe

Tell me a good recipe for dried meat, we are going to cook it with friends as a snack for a football match

Hey, you can find many recipes on Google or YouTube.

Oh, this is a great snack, such a good idea for a football match. I hope that your friends will appreciate your efforts and wish you a good time at the match. And if we talk about the recipe, then in fact everything is simple, you need to cut a fresh piece of meat into slices, add salt, add spices to taste, and set the correct time and temperature in the dehydrator. If you don’t have a dehydrator, then I found a blog https://www.bigwigjerky.com.au/australian-bbq-thermometer/ where there is interesting information about cooking meat (beef jerky) and the devices that are needed for this. There you can find an overview of dehydrators and a thermometer for cooking the right steaks and much more. Well, good luck.

I hope you had a great time then!

Just wanna add that absolutely, dried meat is a classic choice for a football match snack with friends! It’s a great option that’s easy to prepare and incredibly flavorful. If you’re looking to add an extra layer of taste to your dried meat, you might consider pairing it with a delicious homemade yum yum sauce. Yum yum sauce is a versatile dipping sauce that can add a unique twist to your snack spread. You can find a detailed recipe and guide on how to make yum yum sauce here: what is yum yum sauce? This sauce can elevate the overall snacking experience and provide a burst of flavor.