Downloads going down after being steady

Most of my apps are getting lesser downloads every day. Even though the decrease is not much (10-20 every day decrease).

Just wanted to check if other developers are also having this pattern. Do app installs go down after reaching some peak. I was under the impression that downloads will remain steady after reaching some number. BTW, I am talking about apps which have crossed the initial 30 day window.

About one week ago, one of my games that was getting 250-300 daily downloads dropped to around 100. I also saw a decrease in downloads for another game about a month ago.

I wrote about this few weeks ago. All of my apps wre doing good, downloads were going up months, after approximately 1 year I hit the plateu, stayed here maybe 4-5 months, and than just start slowly falling. In last 6 months downloads of all my apps were decreased like this:

APP 1: 2000/day => 500/day
APP 2: 400/day => 150/day
APP3: 60/day => 10/day

And still slowly decreasing…So probably yes, if your downloads are goidng up, everything is ok. Once they are stable and not rising, looks like google somehow knows that you just “reach limit” and probably marks your app as “not able to progress anymore” and you start to fall down. At least it happened in all my apps after some time.

Quick question have any of you guys updated your apps with added content ?

Do any of you guys promote older apps or just let them go on cruise control?

No new content. I rely on organic search traffic only. Dies google look at new content and push apps up in search results based on that?

Same here. I do think updating content improve ranking, even if not necessarily significant. I think ranking is mainly based on uninstall rate and speed of growth in the beginning, but after the 30 days, I think it relies more on smaller signals such as date of publishing, date of last update, links to the app page, user ratings etc.

My apps are going down too. But my diagnoses is that it’s seasonal influence. It’s summertime, and the living is easy… Who cares about apps if the weather is good?

Our downloads go down and down as well :-(.

Its been the same 1 peak mountain download behaviour for all of our apps

it’s normal because market and competetion are not steady. So you got more competition and you lose shares of the market.

While there is no sure way to keep your app beening downloaded you can try

  1. Updating your app with new content. Not a small update but one that adds extra levels, missions, stuff to unlock, or if it’s just an app like calculator app then add a stopwatch . Reason update has to add content is so the users keeps the app on device waiting for update. I suggest the 1st month to update apps 2 times. Even if user doesn’t use app everyday the chance they will keep it installed because it might receive updates.

  2. Even if app is old post it on Facebook and Twitter at least once a week to keep the name out there. It also makes a new back link to the game which google bots look for.

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