Downloads between 10-50 lakhs in 15 days???

Hi all,
I saw an App leaving my app behind in ranking. It comes under tools category.

Curiously i saw the initial release date of that app and it was just 15 days old.

Is it possible to get such a big download of more than 10 lakhs in mere 15 days? what kind of marketing might be involved to achieve that? i am disturbed after this finiding.

For those who don’t know (I had to Google it) - Lakhs = 100k. So the app in question got 1 million downloads in 15 days. That’s quite insane.
I don’t think a pay per install can deliver that… Are you sure it hasn’t been 15 days since the last update maybe?

App link? I can do research like I did for champions league app

I checked it in appannie. App was updated only once after 1 day of the release.
Appannie shows initial release date. I checked that.
its only 15-20 days old app.

Here is link for the app.It even does not work and loaded lots of ads which makes it almost unusable.

Research please.

Found nothing interesting in the link?