Downloads and popularity suddenly dropped

We’ve launched a game just about a month ago and now it’s declining on all fronts. Something weird is going on. Downloads have gone down rapidly. Trying to figure out the reason.

Here’s the downloads statistics:

And here’s the AppAnnie rank chart:

Admob stats:

Any ideas on what’s going on are extremely welcome!

EDIT: The game in question

When you publish on Google Play, you have a 30 days period in which your app will be listed in the Top New sections across the store. Once your app is more than a month old, it will not be eligible anymore for the top new sections, resulting in less visibility and fewer downloads.

In addition to what @avradu1984 said, I believe in the first 30 days an app has less weight in the ranking system than apps older than 30 days. This means it can rise (and fall) easier in it’s respective categories etc.