Downloading music through Apple Music

I just traded phones with my friend and then traded back and now I can’t download music from my Apple Music. If not I will just get Spotify. If you can fix my iPhone problem since this is an iPhone I first bought I will get Apple Music but if not I will just keep Spotify. Thanks

If you can’t download music through Apple Music, download it with the help of a converter from Youtube to MP3 from this site These services come in hand in this situation and not only. They are free to use and that’s their main feature. I never spent one cent on music, I always used these converters for both Android and iOS. This might be unfair for the music creators but damn, we all try to cut our expenses somehow.

Hi. Do you love YouTube? I think so, Yes. Do you always have the option to view it? I think not. You eat in the subway and you do not have Internet, a service comes to the rescue that helps you download videos to your phone without any problems in the best quality