Download Catch The Guava for android

Fun and addictive, Catch the Guava is simple and very easy to play: take on the role of Juan Tamad and catch as many fresh guavas as you can while avoiding the rotten ones. The more green and gold guavas you eat, the closer you get to winning the affection of your lady love, Marie!
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Reach milestones and earn coins to unlock backgrounds, costumes, companions and more. Download now and play for free!


  • Improvements in user interface
  • Added Google Play data sync
  • Introduction of Google Achievements
  • Added starting money (50 gold coins)
  • Re-balancing of power-ups
  • Tweaked in-app store pricing

Download here :

Hey tubemate,

I just checked out your game on the play store, and it looks great; congratulations! I noticed that you have in-app products that you allow your users to purchase as a way to monetize your app. I was wondering if you ever considered an offer wall or in-app surveys as a way for your users to earn points that can be used for your in-app products or even game/level upgrades. One of the best features about this is that while your users are completing offers and earning points, you are earning revenue for each offer completed. Let me know if you would like to talk about this in more detail. I would love to get you setup with us! You can PM me here or add me on Skype at ilyssa.adscend.

Ilyssa Cohen | Adscend Media

Thank for you, Tubemata