Double click required on adMob

Since today adMob ads will not open the url after one click (unless you hit the blue arrow) - it requires two clicks now. I wonder how it will affect our revenues - accidental clicks will be minimized, we’ll see I guess. The cost of click for advertisers should rise though for it to be a fair transition.

I think those with more accidental clicks will see a decline in revenue. It’ll be good for everyone else.

Are you sure Dan ? People are not used to double clicks (taps) on mobile phones. They might think the ad is failing to load and give up.

I don’t know if this has any correlation, but test ads stopped working for me last night and i haven’t made changes to my code. Have they changed anything else?

I think that if someone is genuinely interested in the ad, they’ll figure out to click it twice.

In theory (my theory anyways), It is likely CPC will increase but our eCPMs will mostly stay the same in the long run. In the short run, we will all probably suffer. But after a while advertisers are going to pay more per click if conversion rates are higher, but this is offset by lower CTR. Ultimately, I don’t think devs or advertisers will gain too much. It’s a win for end users, and probably a lose for devs that get a bunch of accidental clicks, at least more than the average Dev.

I think, in the future AdMob will want money from publishers to let them publish advertiser’s ads.

Admob is very trustable, paying as they promised (doesnt matter how late it is) but trying to decrease dev’s revenue as much as they can.

Because of this, another ad networks are trying to take a piece from Mobile-Ad-Market pie. And they are doing it.

If i would be AdMob CEO, i wouldnt let any of other ad-networks to race in this market.

I am sure nobody would choose Leadbolt , Airpush or anyone of this, if AdMob eCPM rate was higher than $1.00

So far no change in revenue because of this for me. But it’s hard to tell based on todays incomplete stats.

I was wrong - there is a huge drop (CTR dropped from approximately 1.18% to 0.9% or maybe even more - I’m not sure when admob turned the new method on). Fortunately I have more requests recently because I’ve released a new game so my revenue haven’t dropped.

Same as well. This should spur heavier advertising and new entrants which will make CPC rise again. Not a clue how long it’ll take. I’m thinking this might lower eCPMs slightly from other networks too, being that admob is the largest and is bound to attract more money. Again, not sure if this will be true. Just a thought.