don't double (GAME)

Hi all,

my app don’t double is a memory game with emojis: The challenge is to complete a round - e.g. 41 emojis - without doubling. You will start with level 1, where 11 emojis are playable, and can reach a higher level by mastering a challenge without doubling.

For each level mastered, you can play with 10 emojis more - up to level 11, where 111 emojis will challenge your memory. For each level, your scores will be saved.

Within each challenge, the last 3 emojis chosen will be displayed.

The app does not process any personal data and is without advertisement as well as without in-app purchase. It is available under the following link:

The attached screenshots may give you a first glimpse of don’t double. Enjoy!






Done :slight_smile: do the same :

Do you have android 5.0 or higher? If so I will rate your app

@Dassem_ultor: No, I don’t…

For everyone who would like to see a quick introduction clip:

@mlabouardy: Thank you! I’ve tried to find your app in the play store but that was not possible - perhaps my os version is too old? For which versions is it?

It is available for free now!

Reviewed, G+ with the name “Ömer Faruk Gündüz”
Here is my game: