- ranting

If somebody is thinking about a web-hosting service please do not make a mistake that I’ve made by myself. the web-service of my choice (advertised everywhere on the web) is probably the worst service I ever came across. To put it short, very often the service does not work at all. Contacting anyone from the service is a nightmare (here too very often the forms for problem submission doesn’t work at all) and if at the end you do contact somebody, they will tell you that everything from their side is ok and will not investigate the problem any further.
So, once again, if you’re thinking about web service that is RELIABLE, DO NOT choose

Anyone happy with other web-services (I’m planning a transition)?

I have my own servers :slight_smile: I mostly do not obey on others… is pretty good. Low price for unlimited space and bandwidth or you can even get a VPS. Haven’t had to contact their customer service, but online help is good.

I would stay away from godaddy… most confusing website ever, completely designed to get you to sign up for extras. And then they spam you all year long with emails that make it look like your domains are about to expire and you need to renew. Sooo going to leave them when my domains expire!

I’ve been really happy since I moved to Arvixe ( ). I still have my domains registered with Fasthosts in the UK (I really don’t trust them to safely transition so easier to leave as is - they were a terrible host btw) but Arvixe are cheap while giving loads of features. Was very surprised when they had no problem on their cheapest hosting package with me putting up a git repository! They’re also very responsive to support & sales queries. Try their live chat as I found I got a quick and satisfactory response every time.

For domains, I use GoDaddy.

For webhosting, I use HostGator.

Never had a problem with both. :slight_smile:

GoDaddy were supporting ACTA. I would avoid it because of that, but that is just me. :wink: I use local providers from my country, so can’t recommend anything. It’s good to search for discussion about certain provider though before we buy anything from them.

I used to have my own mail/web servers. But the thing is that in my country the upload bandwith sucks.

I have got dedicated server from they provides their clients with high performance dedicated servers with solid technical support.Servers are monitored 24/7, if it is down their networking team will be notified automatically and start working on it.

Here is my experience from being in website arena:

  1. For low cost, godaddy and hostgator is a good combination (avoid purchasing domain name and hosting space from same vendor to avoid any issues with that single vendor). I am using this combination from my website Java Experience | A place for all type of Java web tutorials
  2. For better and faster websites, use a VPS host (LiquidWeb and Mediatemple are good here), You can still have domain names registered with godaddy or namecheap.

Yup goddady tries to push for addons. Just avoid ignore them.

I use which had a deal for for like $2 a month for unlimited space, only had 1 problem when they were down for a few minutes. is quite popular and highly recommended by others.

For domain I use GoDaddy (cheap), for DNS and Hosting I use Amazon AWS.

If you can avoid, DONT use GoDaddy’s DNS. It went down for several hours twice in the last 1-2 years affecting all of its hundreds of thousands of clients (that I noticed, may have crashed other times). So you just buy the domain with them and then set the nameserver to someone more competent. Amazon’s DNS isnt cheap ($1/month) but is reliable and very customizable, easy to setup, etc.


I have used host gator and go daddy. Their service is pretty good. Don’t know about others.