Does your AdMob Mediation site work?


when I open the AdMob Mediation site I only see an emtpy page (see screenshot). It worked some days ago without a problem. Does it work for you?

I couldn’t find an email address to contact AdMob. The Google AdMob Ads Developer group doesn’t show up my question… aaarrrg!


No problem for me

Do you have AdBlock enabled? :slight_smile: Silly question maybe, but this has caught me out a few times.

Your other option could be to look at the Error Console in Firefox and see if any resources failed to load (or if there are Javascript errors). The whole content area is normally loaded asynchronously with Javascript, so that could be where the error is occuring.

Yeah, it works again. My modem got defect the last days. I used my phone as a modem to connect my computer to the internet. Everything worked fine except the Mediation page.

Now I got the new modem and everything works again.

Don’t know what’s the problem when using the phone as a modem.