Does Startapp Newest SDK passed Samsung Appstore ?


anyone manage to get pass the PRE-Examination of Samsung App Store using the latest Startapp SDK ?
(FUll SDK or Inapp ads only) that move the publisher and app id inside of the code itself (not in manifest) ?

Please kindly share your experience, since I’m not yet under condition to be able to test it myself right now.

As for the old SDK, it will be rejected instantly around 5-10 minute from registration.


I use inapp ads only for interstitial, but rejected because the ads direct user to google play and samsungapps not allowed that. I try with MMedia, appflood and startapp interstitial, the result is all of them failed the test cause the reason i mentioned above.

I see, so basically the newest SDK manage to pass pre examination. as for rejected due to link to google play, yes, I guess that will happened.
Thanks for the info.

I have passed Samsung Review with only Admob banner and interstitial.

So, What other ad networks (except AdMob) are allowed in Samsung Appstore ?

stupid samsung. Do admob ads not direct users to play store.

This is new policy, i managed to pass examination at June, but failed at October using appflood interstitial.

I think you will pass if you use In-App sdk only. Try to submit your app :slight_smile:

I have failed before with AirPush In-App SDK. The reason is “AirPush, StartApp… are push ads”. After reopening the support ticket many times with the message “No push ad in AirPush In-App SDK”, they confirmed that my app has no push ads and asked me to resubmit the app.