Does it worth promoting my basketball game in USA with $3000?

Hi All!

I am going to release my basketball game pretty soon, but there’s one thing I am unsure of.

I currently have $3000 promotion budget and would like to target ONE country.

Supposedly, it must be somewhere basketball AND mobile basketball games shall be popular. I found that: USA, Australia, Canada, phillippines, lithuania, russia, spain, romania, poland, argentina, and to perhaps lesser extents, France Germany UK Taiwan, are countries that may respond well to basketball games.

Since USA is the country basketball is most popular in, it has huge population and high ecpm, it would be great if I get good results in USA. However, I know that CPI and the number of downloads required to get charted on USA stores, so I am still struggling whether to put my $3000 onto USA or some other tier two countries (e.g. spain, russia).

Any advices? Big Thanks!:cool:

Pm me i will help you in promotion

you can get some shoutouts from sports instagram accounts using - those in english will have tier1 countries as audience and in result, will give you good ecpms.

It really depends on the quality of the app to be honest.

I tried that service and paid $200 for 18 clicks. Totally not worth it!

I better avoid IG shoutouts then…

it all depends on your game. if you have a garbage game, no amount of advertising will help you. you also need to find your own path, and that path doesn’t start listening to nay sayers on forums.

I am sorry that shoutcart did not work for you, perhaps you should’ve chosen better accounts to do shoutouts with for your puzzle game. More importantly, I wish you would have spent low amounts to test first, before going all in with your large budget of $200.

We have clients achieving 10k downloads per day on $1k spend for their iOS apps and games. We also had a few somewhat successful campaigns for android games at $0.5-$1 CPI.

Instagram audience is young women, and I don’t think young women are interested in your puzzle games.

Hi there,
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