Does google scan inside apk for copywrited images?

I put up a paid app and it was instantly suspended for violations of the content policy (no real reason given). There’s a possibility one or 2 images inside the apk could be considered copywritten (but not shown on the store listing).

Do you guys think google suspended because of copywrite or because of some other reason relating to my app? It was a “high maturity” app but it also did follow all rating guidelines.

I get the feeling google just suspends apps it does not like even if they are in 100% compliance with content policy. Is this true?

It might be the high maturity that caused the ban, google doesn’t really want such apps in the Play Store. I doubt they scan the APKs - but other companies might, looking for apps that infringe on their client images. Simple solution is - follow the law, don’t use images that don’t belong to you unless their licence/owner allows it.

PS. And avoid even a hint of nudity - Google is American company they are a bit insane about nudity. :slight_smile:

You got the right feeling

Yes Google doesn’t compromise on his policies and take a strict actions against those who don’t follow his given recommendations. So always try to follow Google’s Guide lines.

I seemed to be agreed with the @Magnesus point of view I do doubt about the scanning of apk file by the Google but what I am sure is they are getting crazy over the nudity and things and that may have triggered the alarm which ends up in suspension of the application as soon as you put it over the store. Anyway I better to follow all their laws and don’t even loose a little bit of hope that I can make through even I put something inside the apk which shouldn’t belongs there ! :smiley:

Yes, Google do scan apk.

And they scan unpublished apps too. That’s crazy. I hope they will just give warning on unpublished apps instead of taking further action against it.