Does Chartboost support exist?

Hey everyone,

Been having issues with Chartboost . Absolutely no ad’s are displaying, not even when the testing mode is enabled. Is anyone else having this issue.
I tried contacting support yesterday already with no reply so now I am here to find out if any one elses ad’s are showing or not?

P.S. It video and static ads not showing


I just contacted their support 2 days ago, and they were replying, I also had you problem,

What you should do :

  • Switch to test mode
  • wait at least 2 hours
  • delete app cache and data and launch it
    You will see ads

You need to add on a campaign for the ads to show, Select your app and select add campaign at the bottom left column, then select network publishing, then select video or interstital, the video will show the interstital after the video plays or has been closed.

Hi,thenutter,maybe you can try to use Chartboost via our mediation