Does anyone know interstitial ads network for 3rd party Apps ?

I have around 40k to 50k active users daily of my 40 3rd party apps…I need to monetise them using a fullscreen ad, can anyone tell me which ad network accepts 3rd party apps ?

hi androidexpert…At Alphagravel we are finishing up our 3rd party SDK which will have interstitial ads. You may be a very good candidate for this SDK. Ping me if interested.

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Sorry for the question but I’m a newbie
what do you mean by “3rd party apps”?

I would suggest you to use Google AdMob, as they have high fill-rate and moreover one of the most popular and established Ad-Network.

If you mean apps that are not in Google Play - then you can use Appnext. Easy integration, and very good results. see for yourself.

Third party apps are not uploaded on app stores but on websites /servers for people to download