Does anyone else check their daily earnings 10+ times a day?

I can’t stop checking my Admob. Is this something many people do?

I used to do that alot then I dropped to once a day and now every other day

i was intil i started making 500$/day, now i do it every other day.

I used to, but I prefer now to work on my apps. Sometimes I was disappointed with the amount :slight_smile:

I used to do it 5 times but now I check 1 time only. U can install AdSense app from play store to save time.

I was checking the revenue once a day but I had too much disapointment with it dropping constantly. Now I check the current earnings only once a week.

I check 2 times a day, one at the haft (and i can know this day income by double the result) and more at the morning next day. But this month money drop so fast.

I am checking once or twice for a week. Too many ad networks to check, and I was using the time to do more productive stuff.