Does admob pay for impressions or only for clicks ?

Hi !
well my first question is:

  1. Does admob pays for impressions or only for clicks, if yes: let’s say my RPM is 1$ and i have 25000 Impressions and let’s say i have 100 click ( for example i get 2 $ for these 100 clicks ) so my total revenue will be like so ? : 25*1 + 2 so does 27$ ?

and then:

  1. if yes again: if my RPM is 1$ and i got just 500 impressions did i get 0.5$ or they only pay after getting more then 1000 impressions ?

  2. what’s the difference between RPM and CPM ?or they’re the same ?

  1. I’m pretty sure they only pay for clicks, if they pay for impressions also it is very small. RPM is NOT how much extra you earn every 1000 impressions. RPM is how much you SHOULD be making every 1000 impressions based on what you’ve earned so far. If you get a lot of impressions from Middle-Eastern countries, your RPM will be about $0.05 - $0.50, and if a lot of impressions are from the US and UK, your RPM will be around $0.80 - $2.50.

  2. No, RPM is based off how much you earn. Your earnings are NOT based off RPM. RPM is there to compare how much you make against other people. That’s it.

  3. RPM (Revenue Per Mille) is for developers/publishers. It is how much they EARN per 1000 impressions.

CPM (Cost Per Mille) is for advertisers. It is how much it COSTS to show their advertisement per 1000 impressions.

are you sure they don’t pay for impressions ?

If you provide good quality traffic on a large scale then they might get in contact and pay you on a CPM basis, but that’s pretty much the only way.