Do you market on Social Media channels?

I was wondering how Social Media and App’s go with one another.
Does anybody here promote his app on Social media networks? if so, how is it going? Do you recommend me also to invest in Social Media?
Thanks in advance for the information… :smiley:

I promoted game fanpage. Two small campaigns. Both more expensive for like than I will spend for app download.

I feel like it is impossible to generate a positive ROI on Social Media Networks when it comes to Marketing Apps.
So you make a Fan Page, and… Thats it… Not worth investing anymore time or money into Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or G+…

Did anybody here actually have success while marketing his app on Social Networks?

Social networks are considered to be a powerful arena for online marketing. They provide a direct and targeted way to communicate with the relevant audience, and they require less spending than more traditional marketing techniques.

As you know that every brand have its Fan page where people are engaged with latest news and updates of brand. Same like this you have to create Social media Pages for your Application and fans. Post daily on your fan pages and ask your app lovers to recommend your application to other interested users who like to use such like applications in their smartphones. Social Media is one of the best and effective medium from where you can easily get useful results.

Doesn’t this result in Spam? What kind of news do you post daily on your FB page? do you have an example of your App Page?

No, You have to post daily on your Fan page about New and attractive images, new and fresh content on your Fan pages, and share some useful information daily about your application. In this way you can easily engage people with you fan page and also will be able to get more response by people.

Social media channels can be a huge help for an app, but only if your app gets viral and people feel proud by talking about it.

Look at games like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird or events like the Ice Bucket Challenge or posting selfies: the more people are doing it, the more people want to become part of the phenomenon. The problem is you have to create buzz around your product. And by buzz I mean make it visible to millions and millions of people.

You can also compare it against funny videos you find on facebook or youtube. I’ve seen the same video shared by multiple people on facebook, but one post has 10 likes and others have hundreds of thousands.

Having a facebook page with millions of fans will help market your product but how do you get millions of fans for a page unless you spend a lot of money and time building it, researching, posting new content that people appreciate?

Also, posts by a page are seen by less than 10% of the followers. An average CTR for a post that promotes an url to a game or app is less than 5%. And less than 25% of the clicks convert to an install. So if you post about your app with your fan page with 1M followers, you will get less than 1250 installs. And that doesn’t mean you’ll get 4 times more installs if you post 4 times about your game.

Bottom line is you need to get lucky and your app needs to become viral. We’ll all waiting / hoping for that, so buy a ticket and stay in line. :slight_smile:

If I see daily spam then I unfollow, who wants to read the same type of news every time they log into facebook?
It is a general assumption that posting daily on facebook will produce results, it is also a very common mistake to do so… It is not about the quantity - It is about the quality…

Hi Daniel,

The key is to post unique content every time. I know a guy on twitter who just posts interesting facts daily 7-8 times and snaps 2-3 adverts in between. He has millions of followers.

For small games one cannot publish daily on FB groups but game is huge, one can share the various sections of the game with images and videos quite frequently.

This is exactly what I’m thinking too… To build up a fb page, it’s probably akin to marketing XYZ: content + ads + promos + time.
:eek: in that case marketing a “fb page” is like marketing “the app”, so would your “twitter account” be. Slightly related but on different platforms, therefore probably lesser returns.

I see only two acceptable paths:
A) you build your marketing campaign around that “fb page” or “instagram hashtag” instead of a blog.
B) long term, aka, the main page is more for marketing ALL your apps and you dual post some content on your dedicated pages there too.

Yes, Daniel, I use social media network (Instagram) for promoting and advertising purposes. Social Network is considered as the best and efficient way to get real customers for the brands. And also I recommend you to use the Instagram platform for marketing purposes.

Yes, Daniel, I prefer Social media channels for marketing and advertising. As my experience, it is a very amazing way to promote the websites, products and services through social media channels. And Yes, of course, I recommend you to invest in social media. But try to prefer Instagram social media platform.

I think social media marketing is not enough to be successful these days. You have to use a lot of different methods to reach the client. Social media are just one of many elements that you can use in your marketing strategy. Of course, it can be a very effective element. :cool:

Yes, I market on social media channel and mostly I prefer Instagram social media channel. Using social media channel for marketing and advertising is a very prominent way to get lead in the market. But, Instagram produces faster than any other social media channels.

Yes, Daniel B, I prefer various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, etc for marketing and advertising purposes. But I mostly prefer Instagram social media channel rather than any other marketing channels. This is because Instagram has the capability to generate more traffic, more user engagement ratio and faster Business growth.