Do you make a living off apps?

I was just wondering, how many people here make a living off their apps? By make a living, I mean not have to go to work 9-5 for a paycheck… where you can do app development on your own full time.

statistically 95% of people make less than 200$ per month. And 99% make less than 1000$ per month. Personally i’m at 2500 -3000$ per month range. It’s not so easy. I also have a 1600$ per month regular work but i’m not going to be full time android developer unless after a year of continuous 6000$ per month salary

Ugh. As someone that is just starting out, I’m not sure I want to keep at it. Because I work full time, it takes me a long time to publish an app. So far I’ve made very little money. I’m in that 95%. :frowning: Just curious, how many apps do you have out there?

It took us 3 years of hard work, now we make a living out of mobile games :slight_smile:

Don’t get discouraged, if you make something really good -> you could just be the next millionaire - keep at it and try to be innovative and different.

That would be great, I guess we will see how my next app does. Do people make more money off apps or off games?

Based on my research, Games is where its at; how much consecutive minutes do you spend in an APP? vs time you spend in a Game… Usually people play a game for over 5 minutes (Which is good), assuming its interesting. With an APP, you will prob only spend 1-2 minutes max. (Factoring the APP’s purpose).

Sooo Games win!

Yeah, games have stickyness too. People come back and use a game more than an app I assume. I’ve been doing apps because I’ve never done any game mechanics and i suck at graphics/sound.

Working 8h/Day company or dev app in google play at home it’s the same.
Google play 2k/month
Company 1.5k/month
in my country you can live whit 500$/month
But not forget your resume.

@user6116 @Andre3wap @BaksaiApps @ardi - from our experience its next to impossible to make a living out of apps, even after spending money and following expert advise we have failed to make even $100 in 6 months … so its best to stick to day job and try app business as a hobby or some over time work …Though the $30 Billion or so revenue is also there, some one is surely getting rich as well …


You are correct to a certain extent, it is a huge challenge - that’s why you should think out of the box. If you make something really good, then you stand a chance and you must remember that making a decent amount wont happen overnight - it takes time. Do you mind sharing the apps you have ?

measurably 95% of individuals make under 200$ every month. What’s more, 99% make under 1000$ every month. Actually i’m at 2500 - 3000$ every month go. It’s not all that simple. I additionally have a 1600$ every month standard work yet i’m not going to be full time android designer unless following a year of ceaseless 6000$ every month compensation