Do you know which android store to publish apps?

Hi all,
Recently Google banned so many developer accounts. Developers feel it’s not safe when they just publish only on Google play store. So do you know another android store for publishing apps? Please list them and comment about them here and we can discuss about them.

Let me list first.

  • Amazone
    All link to google play or another stores will be reject when they approve.
  • Opera store
    Accept you point link to Google play, but not much download from it.
  • getjar

One Platform Foundation created this list of Android App stores and has an info graphic that provides some comparison: List of Android Appstores - One Platform Foundation
You may find this helpful.

This is a nice article thanks.
The pain is that submitting on multiple stores is a nightmare when you have in app purchase, because it means 1 different piece of code for each shop.
To go back to initial question, I haven’t tried third party services that submit to multiple stores for you, such as inmobi and codengo. They are supposed to take care of all the grunt work for publishing and registering on multiple small platforms for a couple of hundreds bucks. Anyone has tried them?

Is there anything that we should pay attention about these stores? Do you use always the same bundle id for every store?