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I’ll tip here what we do and how we can help to increase your profit from your mobile app

Brief explanation of the problem

The problem is not your App but the price for your app

Why the price is problem ?

Because you set a price that not meets your customers needs

For example :

Sometimes this price is not serving the customer needs
I could be a customer who wants to use your application
But my needs are not really high
I want to use in your application just once a week
So why i need to pay the price you setup that can be 3$

What if there is another method for payment that I can still use your application

With Price that Meet My Needs

Here our solution came - How we do that

Our solution is really very easy to Implement - We provide SDK for mobile app & API for web

How it works ?
After installation Our (SDK) in your app you get back to our dashboard and Start see your customer use your app

you can setup when your customer starts paying
You can give 30 minutes free use and after 30 Start charging your customers
You can set the time lettuce on a daily basis
Our model is flexible

This is is just one example
There are many other option we offer

How customer will get pay you ?

Each customer receives a KEY . with this he can insert in your app

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