Do you have a Developer website to show your apps?

When publishing an app on Google play, it asks if you have a website. I was wondering how many have a website to go along with their app? I would think that even if it just adds another way for people to find your app, it would be worth it. I notice that I click on a couple of the developers websites of the apps I have downloaded just to check it out. Do people think it’s worth it to have even if it’s just for advertising your app?

I have. I think it is a good time investment. It gives the impression that a ‘real’ company is behind the apps. I made mine in a couple of hours. Setup a Wordpress site, take a free theme, adapt a couple of things and you are done.

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Well, yes that is again a good idea in engaging user but I don’t think that is just too necessary thing! I would say it depends upon the application like if I am having a gaming application over the playstore than I don’t think that there is any need of … !! :smiley: