Do we really need another ad network?

Disclaimer: This is an introduction to a service I have created - out of frustration with ad networks and the generally felt need of transparency in ad selling/buying.

The Answer:
As a publisher and technology enthusiast in the current mobile advertising business – We think that publishers DO NOT need yet another ad network. Why you ask? Because it is more of the same – X billion impressions served, Y thousand publishers on network, BEST eCPM ever. But in reality the publisher is not making much and the CPM is getting sliced and diced with every layer of mediation between ad networks.
Ad serving technology is a commodity and several vendors provide ad servers for a monthly fee – most of the big publishers ( think rovio etc) already use that to sell their inventory directly to buyer – what remains after direct sales is channeled to ad network : into bidding wars.

Then what it is we are doing?
Setup a marketplace where you can directly sell ads to the buyer – no bidding wars, no mediation CPM slicing. The central theme of this marketplace is – what you see is what you get: CPMwise , Revenue sharing wise, policy wise – no hidden sneaky stuff.

Here is a summary:

Traditional Ad network AdzforAppz Marketplace – Direct Selling and Buying PROs and CONs
Revenue sharing usually 40-50% 15% flat revenue sharing Ummmm….More money in your pocket!!
Everyone wants you to install their SDK We plug-in into most big ad networks and actually do not need* you to install our SDK

Since we are doing direct deals we don’t need all the phone information to slice and dice the data |You get to keep the ad network of your choice and do direct deals with the AdzforAppz plug-in |
| Payout mostly on net 90-120 days | We pay-out instantly as soon as the campaign finishes running… Say what!! | Dude …your money in your account within days of the campaign finishing.

I say that’s pretty neat!! |
| You have no control over what ad runs on your app | You can accept or reject campaign | Not only you protect your app’s identity you also get a chance tocreate a relationship with advertiser. |
| CPM is decided by algorithms and sliced and diced between every layer of mediation | You decide the CPM and can set up a minimum $$ sum for campaigns | You actually get the worth of your inventory and can adjust the CPM as needed. |

Need more reasons or want to sign up ?
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Check out our video- we had fun making it

Thanks & Regards-
Kundu B.S
Twitter - @AdzforAppz

Hi folks ,

I wish to actively engage in this converation and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

interesting idea.

how is the handling of payments from advertisers work?
what ad networks/sdks do you integrate with?

Kindly share your skype id …:slight_smile:

@hello_user search for AdzforAppz in skype directory and you will find me.
@toxic : From the advertiser payment side we have signed up a payment processor specialized for marketplace setup :

  1. Advertisers buys a campaign
  2. Campaign finishes , we give the advertiser 1-2 days to dispute (just in case) and hold the money in escrow.
  3. After that point , the money goes directly to publisher and we only get our cut .
  4. You can of-course choose to have us hold your money and payout monthly.

We can afford to do so as money coming in is from direct deals not from a cascade of networks .–-net-120-days-payout-policies

We are launching with Admob integration via custom events: see below
Adz for Appz

This looks very promising. I always thought ad networks had way too big cuts. But is this good? Has someone tried it?

My main concerns are that

1.-This can be a scam
2.-Not enough campaigns, so less money
3.-Going against my current Ad network policies and get me banned from it (its not admob)

so here are the issues.
Everyone here on this forum is living and dying by eCPM. Hello >>??? wake up? ?? eCPM will remain lower than “pre-Google Policy change” so now every developer is looking at ways to make up for that loss of eCPM. The name of the game is monetize traffic, the more traffic the higher the eCPM … More money? But is that it? What about In App Purchase? What about viewing your app/game as you would a car fine-tuned running engine… right, engine, exhaust, wheels tires, all contribute to the drive…

So let’s look at monetizing in the same way… @AdzforAppz has created is noble and possibly could improve your eCPM but it only treat the symptom not the entire problem… So here is what I propose and i have done,. I have worked in mobile monetization since 2009, how do you increase overall monetization? That means looking at your active user base… they mean $$ to you and we are only focused on eCPM… I know how to do this with google horrible in app purchase… I have another revenue stream that answers this dilemma and looks at ARPDAU…I have increased this by as much as 100%… PM ME