Do trivia apps violate intellectual property laws?

So I was thinking about making a simple little superhero trivia app, but am concerned about possibly getting my entire developer account banned from Google. I have no intention of using any images that could get me into trouble, just a text based game with my own UI design. What i’m concerned about though is the content.

Would it be violating intellectual property laws to simply use superhero names in the game as answers. The title of the app wouldn’t contain anything, nor the description.

This also raises the question about any trivia app, especially ones that cover pop culture. Would these not violate the same laws?

I see many trivia apps on the market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t get busted down the road at some point. I intend on running a legit development company, and getting banned from the Google play store would undo many months of work I’ve done on other apps.

Any input or advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have studied copyright law.

Thanks in advance.

well, I am not sure about this mean I am going to require other advise too on this anyway I don’t think that using names of SuperHeros will trigger the possiblity if violating intellectual property, I doubt about the image but name isn’t going to raise concern !

Most companies have legal info on their website regarding branding/trademark issues. You should look at the websites for the content you want to use to determine if they allow it or not. If needed, contact the company to request information or speak with a lawyer or do extensive research of the issues. Try looking at United States Patent and Trademark Office

I also have started a petition at to help change Google’s banning policies. I’ll be doing a lot of work with that over the next few weeks as well.

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