Do Rewarded Video Ads pay off well?

I am considering to try Rewarded Video Ads. What is your experience with them? Do they pay off well?

Provided you have content that the users want, then yeah. The drive has to be there first though.
Most big games are using rewarded video ads these days.

Make it worth it to the player and the rest cake.

I was very disappointed with reward video ads. Admob only pays when users click after the video ad. Thats the problem.
You are offering an incentive to watch video but you get paid only when users click after watching video?

Good experience here with Unity Rewarded Ads. As jim says, AdMob only pays when click.

Appodeal’s mediation platform gives you access to all the major ad networks that serve rewarded videos. Some networks pay per click, others per action, others per impression. Appodeal’s algorithm knows how to prioritize which networks/ads to show based on historical data and the device advertising ID. The main thing is not to put all your eggs in one basket and only partner with one network.

While looking for a profitable ways of monetization for your app, you will find rewarded videos among the best and high–paid in–app ad formats. That’s true. They do help to increase users engagement as well as revenues.
By adding rewarded videos to your app you will monetize each user even those who do not do in-app purchases.

EXPERIENCE: Recently Epom Apps started running rewarded video ads at our partners application. Rewarded videos has led to 20-30% revenue increase in both gaming and non-gaming apps. We added only relevant video content to the video depending on the app, that’s why over 85% users do not quite apps. They just push ‘Watch video’ button, watch 30 sec video and unlock next level or new content. Here are thebest rewarded video practices. for both gaming and non-gaming apps.

We can definitely launch a test and show you how rewarded videos will work for your app. We have advertising demand world wide, so we’ll monetize all your users. Sign up here to get an account and get rewarded videos and our ad budgets on board.

More about how to start monetizing users with rewarded videos if you are an app developer —>

Rewarded Video Ads definitely pay off better compared to any other static ad type. In July Forbes magazine had an article explaining that 55% of the industry revenue comes from in-app advertising, and out of that 33% is delivered by videos ads, specifically rewarded video.

If they pay off well or not also depends on how you implement it. Yes, AbMob only pays for clicks, but other ad networks work with impressions.

A couple of cool and creative examples or rewarded video:

Get More Lives (as in Dashy Crashy game from Dumpling Design studio)
When the amount of “lives” in game end, a good way to persuade the player to click on a rewarded video is to give him extra live in the game.

Double the Rewards (as in Rodeo Stampede from Yodo1 Games)
In a score based game, offer the player the opportunity to double their points/score by clicking on a rewarded video and watching it.

Give a tip, reveal info for puzzle games, etc (as in Letterpad from NimbleBit)
If the app is a puzzle game or trivia based, you can implement rewarded video to give the player some help with a hint & tip. Like showing where the item is or giving away the first letter in a word puzzle.

This examples come from Appodeal sales team.They work alongside the publishers because we don’t have an internal marketplace, so mediation is unbiased.