Do Paid Installs Work?

I was looking at App2Top. It looks like you can pay to have people install your app. Does this help get your app up in the google play store? Is there a better/cheaper alternative?

Yes it helps. Now you can generate installs by yourself:[sell]-autoinstalling-apps-google-play-rating-background-unique-method.html

Yeah… anyone else have any REAL advice? Something that won’t get me banned from the play store.


Paid Installs can work if done right.

CPI or CPA are the most common ways to get more downloads in your app, you can create burst campaigns (so a massive amount of users download your app so that your store ranking rises)
or you can promote your app in specific regions and try to get the downloaders to actually use your app (which helps more to gain a better ranking, but is more expensive)

If you want to try it out -
You can create a first free campaign (worth 5$) and see if it works for you.

Hope i could help,


The paid keyword search install works, it can boost your app ranking in 8~10 hours, but only for Apple App Store.
If you have an iOS app, I highly recommend you take advantage of it, because about 65% users discover new apps by browsing or searching in the App Store, once your app reached to top 10, you can expect thousands of downloads, even more.
ASOTOP1 provides this kind of service, if there is no improvement, money back guarantee.

CPI installs from $0.04
Keyword installs from $0.06
High Retention installs from $0.10
CPA from $0.30