Do NOT use Getjar

Why do not use it,

  1. I have sent several questions to their support email address regarding different questions, none of them got a reply. WTF Getjar treats their customers?
  2. The worst portal I ever seen of all ad networks. It’s very hard to find a link telling you how to integrate.
  3. Even you find the integration guide, sorry, it’s hard and very poor design to finish it. You can compare it to others, Tapjoy, e.g.
  4. Very bad product design. Virtual currencies have to have different names to display to customer, WTF is this rule, does this shit have any sense?

Any guys using Getjar here please share your experience and if I’m wrong let me know, for now I will keep away from Getjar acquired by a China company already.


I used GetJar some time back - but removed them.

Their issues:

  • completely absent developer support

  • no responses to e-mails

  • completely absent developer console (what exists is a mishmash of their app store stuff and only thing related to developer revenue was an obscure Rewards link on the webpage)

  • kludgy app publishing setup for their app store

  • GetJar top management seems to have issues - i.e. seems to be absent

  • they are developing something for app store etc. - and may emerge again - but the legacy stuff they have may impede change - i.e. they may need to start afresh

  • I used them for many months in some apps - but never had a good idea what revenue I earned - was a CSV file you downloaded - that was about it - and I never bothered to actually get the whatever miniscule amount of money I had earned in the GetJar account. Why ? Because I didn’t have any clue about what total revenue was - i.e. go ahead and total it from the CSV is one way - never bothered doing that. There was no clear method of how to request the money back.

I’ve posted previously about GetJar - basically their SDK is a kludgy overcomplicated thing - that took me nearly a few WEEKS to implement - compare that to Tapjoy which can take a few hours to understand and implement.

I was especially galled at the difficulty of implementing their SDK - really bad presentation and explanation of it on their developer website also.

It is like early internet type of behavior vs. 2014 with other outfits like Tapjoy etc.

I was very positive towards GetJar - which is why I had tried it - however the actual nitty gritty of implementing and using it is totally not there. In addition their whole company seems to be in a “who am I” kind of mode - or has no direction from upper management or something. They have offices in San Francisco - and it seems like they are doing something - perhaps it is stuff related to new transformation or something - but that is not evident to the developer trying to implement the GetJar coin system.

Compare that to Tapjoy - where the SDK is well thought out - and easy to use - i.e. someone went to the trouble to make simple - and their management recognized that making things easier for developers is good for adoption. You DO NOT get that message when you try to integrate GetJar - it is like some internal beta along with all it’s kludges has been dumped onto the developer to figure out for themselves. Plus the way they have done the SDK is over-complicated - and it is not clear if it had to be so - or perhaps they just did not hire the right type of talent to create clean designs.

I have uploaded my apps to GetJar a few years ago and it was the worst posibble experience. Like the screenshots had to be a particular size and resolution and when you used PNG files they were almost always too big so I has to convert even my icons to JPG. It was like using a site from the 90s. I imagine their ad network is similar. I wouldn’t touch anything GetJar even with a stick.

With GetJar there is an element of smugness there as well - i.e. incompetence is one thing. But the company seems to behave as if they really are not in this business.

The analogy that comes to mind is the mafia running a “front” business. That is the business only seems to be doing what they are - but actually the business does not really care about that business.

This is what I mean by the “smugness” aspect - it is as if the company is rudderless - i.e. one wonders how a company can be SO out of touch with things - and STILL be running as a company (!)

That is, how do they survive ?