Do networks pay for impressions at all?

My game is not publicly out yet, but from the 200-300 impressions I have got last week from testing, on the Admob dashboard, my expected income is $0 (because I have 0 clicks).

But from the week before that I made one click in about 100 impressions and my expected income was $0.1.

Question: If I have 100,000 impressions and 0 clicks, will admob pay me anything at all? what about other networks?

I’m using both banner and interstitial ads (say 50% each impression-wise)

Thank you

Don’t click on ads like that admob may ban your app and use test mode when your testing your app.

AS far as i know admob has both CPC (cost per click ) and CPM ( per impression) ads…admob serves anyone of these ad in your app based on their bidding.So if your app served with CPM ads you will get money for impression and if its served with CPC ads you will get money for clicks

Hi Kakashi,

At Airpush our display ads pay on an CPM basis from impressions on the ads. The associated CPM is determined by the country of the user and their level of engagement on the ads. With us, you will still earn from impressions on the ads without any clicks, but the associated CPM will not be as strong as compared to receiving some clicks.

PM me to chat further.
Airpush Nick

Yeah? I didn’t think a few clicks would do harm. Is there a way to disable (or delete) my IDs (of ad units) then? Some people already have my apk for testing and I hope they don’t click the ads.

is there a way I can control whether the ads served is CPC or CPM?


oh and another thing. does admob ban you for getting too many “impressions” from one device?

I’ve not had any more than a few clicks really and probably won’t get any more until I release it publicly.
I might however get a few impressions from people who are testing it. Is this risky?

EDIT: Sorry to ask so many questions. I’m just really really worried.
Last one: if my friends (in the same city, on their phones) test the game and click on ads, is that risky too? Do they check per device or per location?

yeah, they could ban for getting too many impressions in your own device. That is why you should use test ads during development

and don’t worry, if you get 100 000 impressions, for sure u will get enough clicks as well, not 0

oh. Is there anything I can do now to prevent a ban? I will stop loading the ads on my phone for now but I’m just worried about the people I gave my app to for testing.

if you remove ad units from the app, the ads should stop serving, just remove them and create new ones.
and then use test ads for yourself

you can archive your ad ids .For safety Use test ads always when you are developing app.

I think there is no way to control CPC or CPM in admob. Don’t worry you will get revenue when you some decent impressions

ah, thanks guys. I did that.

To prevent the surprise google is making for you… I"ll just say you will probably get suspended for 30 days any day soon , because I’ve done the exact same thing and they wouldn’t forgive even for few little ‘fake’ impressions.

Good luck.