Do I need to contact a lawyer?

The fact is that I was on excellent terms with my neighbor. But not so long ago, he took the dog, and every time I leave the house, the dog attacks me. He is so cute - shepherd. And the neighbor asks not to pay attention, says that she plays like that, but I have all the arms and legs in bites. He has already broken a couple of my things and is constantly pissing on my site. I do not want to spoil relations with a neighbor. What should I do?

Let it go, lawyers are thugs and possibly will drain all your savings.

If you have good terms with your neighbor, go and talk with him about this situation. Maybe for him, it is normal, but it is obvious that it isn’t normal for you. Be nice, and don’t talk in an aggressive way unless she will argue with you. Before talking, try to video-record the cases and bites. If she didn’t do anything to make you comfortable in your own territory, you could approach the local authorities and the lawyer company, like this one These guys offer a free online consultation to the new customers, so you can talk with them and discuss the possible actions in your situation.

Your neighbor is an asshole. If their dog is aggressive, they shouldn’t let it roam freely. I don’t care if the dog is cute or not, you could, and you should sue your neighbor. You don’t want to spoil your relations with them, but they clearly don’t care about you.
You should contact a good lawyer like parramatta lawyers. It won’t be hard to win that case because you have bitemarks, and it’s proof of that dog harassing you. It’s all the fault of your neighbor. They should’ve taught their dog not to do stuff like that. That dog will likely be put down, but it’s not your problem.