Do Google Play Services bring value to users?

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Hey guys:

We are working on our 4th android game (Brain & Puzzle) and we are evaluating to include or not Google Play Services (Leaderboards and achievements). As the title suggest, i was wondering if users appreciate these features? Do they use and like Google Play Services? or just our own offline leaderboards (no achievements) would be fine?

We included Google Services achievements for our second game, and nobody seemed to care for them (well, nobody cared about the game either).

What are your experiences? What do you think?

Well my experience is that users are more likely to come back because they want to improve their position on the leaderboards.

10% of my user base uses Google Play leaderboards. I am not currently tracking how the players use achievements.

30% of my users use Google Play Leaderboards

Yeah, I’ve seen that users are slow to adopt being required to sign in to google plus to use achievements and leaderboards, and I’ve even had a few complaints in reviews about it. I’m still testing game services multiplayer with one of my games because i’m scared to death that people are going to have a problem with it and leave bad reviews. I think that game services is a great product overall with only one major downfall of being required to be signed in to a google plus account. I think the whole idea of game services is to push more people to use google plus. Anybody else using multiplayer game services? How is the user response?

The new game looks awesome, by the way. Good luck with it!