Making Money with Android

DMCA for this forum

Don’t raise flame here
Enough of illegal code sharing. I have already sent DMCA and also asked code selling websites to send DMCA for this forum.
The code selling is destroying the market.

If you want to join me, ask the code selling websites to send DMCA for MMWA.
@david, Buy/Sell section was for selling personal services/codes and not for killing the play store with reskins.
Do remove Buy/Sell section if you can’t monitor it.

Already DMCA is in pipeline. Better do it rather be sorry later.

if u are forum user and want to join me then submit your request for sending DMCA to code selling websites at:

Chupa mobile:

[email protected]

If you don’t want to send DMCA, pls stay silent. Don’t start flame in this thread.

The flood of reskinned apps is destroying the whole market.

I fully support ths.

Reskinn code gives inspiration for start up developers here. There is no way to stop this. Send dcma to

Yeah I also agree, paid way too much money for a good source code for a game only to have people publish like 500 of the same type of game. Seem to be people from the Asian Countries and some India Countries that’s flooding the markets with this spam. I don’t see how someone can just sit all day long blasting apps. I use automation tools to build my lwps but even then I get lazy after making 5-10 of them in a day. And since they spam so Bad I had to use other measures to recoup losses and to gain extra revenue by placing ads outside of the app to show when user unlock’s their screen which I hate to do but is only way I can make money right now.