Distribution Agreement for developers question


I was looking for the answer everywhere
I contacted google but no answers

when you to ask this question to other development.
I get different answers confused.

I ambiguity in reading
Google Play Distribution Agreement for developers

in section 3 Prices and payment.

3.4 Specific requirements for refund

/ / Products That can not be previewed by the buyer (such as applications): You authorize Google to give the buyer a full refund of the Product price if the buyer requests the refund Within 48 hours after purchase. / /

but some people try to return for example, once a month or 3 months after purchase and payment is returned to them often smoothly without any problem.

In these cases
it returned the money developer?
it did not correspond to the contract in Section 3.4
or Google pays these cases from their own resources?

Does anyone have experience with this?
I apologize if this is the wrong section but came to me most appropriate

I didn’t understand what you meant exactly but…

If user purchases app/game. they are allowed to refund it before 48 hours.

If after the 48 hours IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO REFUND… either nothing, a bit or full refund. :slight_smile:

You will get a lot of people purchasing items/buying apps/games and then playing or using it then have enough and say “oh my brother or son started purchasing these items and never knew he was spending real money” you could be generous and refund (as what i do) or just ignore it by replying “Please press the refund button if available. If not we apologize but we can no longer refund you.”

If google is taking refunds after a month or 3 then something is wrong with your account. Google won’t pay for you it will just add a -$(amount refunded) on your account, and will deduct it on next payment.

But I’ll email Google if this is happening.