Display.io - Free 5,000 app installs Bonus

Hi all,

I’m excited to introduce Display.io to this well-known forum!

Display.io is a leading mobile and in-app video advertising since 2015, we partnered with the top advertisers and mobile ad networks, making sure you get 100% fill-rate and top eCPM’s.

Our SDK was launched over a year ago, but I’m announcing it here only now, as we wanted to make sure you get a successful and reliable SDK.

• Our ad units include full screen (interstitials) and In-feed (Out-Stream) ads. Both ad units have static images & Videos.
• You can simply disable/enable any ad unit on our developers’ portal, so you can switch our ads on/off at any time.
• You will find our SDK light weighted and easy to integrate.
• We pay on a net 10 basis (for example: on Feb 10th you will get your Jan earnings)

And if all the above is not enough, here is our current signup bonus:
• Earn $250 using our SDK on your first month with us, and get free 5,000 app installs (You can choose any of your android apps)

*For developers who earn more than $100 daily from ads, we have a larger bonus.

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I am here if you have any questions: [email protected]


1.how light weight for your mediation sdk?
2. what ad network of your mediation?
3. SEA market fill rate and ecpm
4. support cordova or ionic framework?

  1. Our SDK is 150kb
  2. We mediate around 50 different mobile ad networks, among them are: aerserv, Adcolony, Smaato, Airpush, InMobi, RevMob, Supersonic ads (Iron Source), LeadBolt, Appnext and many more. If you want to know if we mediate any specific one – PM me.
  3. Our FillRate is over 95% as we mediate many ad networks and we have many campaigns for any specific country. eCPM varies much between countries and apps. I can assure you our eCPM is competitive but I guess you will have to check that yourself. Again, if you have any specific vertical or country you would like to check – PM me.
  4. We currently do not support Cordova or ionic. Sorry.

it looks good if it is 150kb, really small. Unfortunately, I use cordova, how shall I implement it for reward video?
Also, how your company make money of?

Dear bkcollection,

If you only use Cordova - unfortunatly you can’t use our SDK
We make money like all other ad networks, if need more info about how ad networks make money - PM me.