Discrepancies in click

Hey guys,

I had a very successful app on the google play store that got over 800k downloads in a couple of months and was earning as much a 4k a day. (at about $1.00 iRPM) through admob. However, it included badges from sports teams that I was not allowed to use so it was taken off of the google play store. Instead of removing the badges and updating the old app, I decided to create a new app that was identical apart from those images and put it on the store (so that people would be able to keep the old app on their phones). However, after a few days I’ve noticed that my new app (that is practically identical) is getting half of the iRPM as the old app. My click rate is almost exactly half of the old app. My click rate is consistently lower across every country so it is not to do with the location of the users. Anyone have any idea why this is the case, or what I can do to improve my click rate?

Really? Where did you place your interstitials?
How could you be making 4k a day?

I had interstitials between activities. 4k was my maximum. It was usually closer to 2.5k. It was just a popular app that people got very into. It simulated mode from the Fifa video game that usually costs money so people were excited to play a knock off version for free.

Do you mean you were using the football team logo in your app without permission ? I have seen many popular sport apps using them for many years without any problem.

Then I guess I was unlucky. The reason I was given was just use of copyrighted images, and according to some other developers, removing the badges was the way to go. Any ideas on the OP? The money is still good, but could be much better if I was getting the same click rate.