Disappointed with day 1 performance of game :(

I released my android app today in the marketplace. half a day later and it has only 6 downloads. I have posted in some forums and told my friends and such. But that didn’t have any significant effect. How might I increase the visibility of my app? It’s still not the case that my app is so bad that people are not playing it.I ain’t even getting any downloads. Is it normal for day 1?

just saw your game link. Man 6 ratings is not 6 downloads. Let the official stats come at the end of day. Usually 6 ratings should be anything between 50-200 downloads.

Actually in my case it is 6 installs.The stats came just a while ago.And the CURRENT / TOTAL INSTALLS is 6/6. That is why I am even more disappointed.

Your 6 ratings & downloads are all probably from your friends or forums.

For me your are only the 190th result, if I search for the exact name of your game Crush the Bubbles (without quotes around). The users can’t find it by magic, it has nothing to do with the quality of your app.
I face the same problem, how to get your app known… like everybody else :stuck_out_tongue:
There are a lot of crappy apps which have good numbers because they are well placed in the searches, and I have seen tons of great games completely ignored with a few hundreds downloads.

So what will be solution for it?

So what will be solution for it?

Don’t ask me I have bad numbers :smiley:
I guess posting on forums isn’t bad for having some downloads to start, but it won’t lead you very far, like asking friends to dl & rate it. Beyond that this is magic/luck to me :stuck_out_tongue: (if you don’t pay ad campaigns for your app)

Don’t worry, in my first month I had an average of 1 download per day. You don’t need to pay for advertise, with good ratings it eventually starts to grow. That’s what happened to my apps.

Btw with the second app will be easier.

Hoping for the best for the app to get some momentum. Will be trying what I can mean while to promote my app.But surely I didn’t expect such bad results.

It isn’t bad for everyone, my game has 200 downloads a day and I’m still in my first month

Definitely try changing the title and/or description of your app. When I released my newest app last month, I was averaging around 5-10 downloads a day. I changed the title of my app in Google Play and within a couple of days, I was getting closer to 100 downloads per day.

To be frank, your description is a mess. Especially when it’s a new app with low downloads, if the description doesn’t adhere to simple rules like having a space after every period, and has grammar mistakes in every sentence, then users will assume that the app itself isn’t worth downloading, even when it could be great in reality. Maybe have it looked over by a native English speaker.