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disabling airpush's EULA for appwall

I keep reading posts where people are not using airpush’s appwall because the EULA pops up. This feature can be easily disabled. I will not post the actual code here because I don’t know if Airpush would appreciate that. If someone from Airpush tells me I can then I will.

But I will tell you how it works. I don’t use airpush, and am not sure if it still works in this way, it did last year, but have at it. Your device may or may not need to be rooted, not sure.

When calling '‘startSmartWallAd()’ airpush will show the EULA depending on the boolean value of the field ‘showDialog’ which exists in a file in your app’s shared preferences dir called ‘shared_prefs/firstTime.xml’. Airpush checks this parameter for false before disabling the EULA. Clicking ok on the EULA creates the file and sets this parameter to false. Can this FILE and parameter be easily created programmatically yourself before Airpush does? I wonder…

Disabling the eula for notification ads will result in users reporting that to Google and your account suspended. It WILL happen, it’s suicide so DON’T DO IT.