Disabling adMob antivirus ads

Okay, guys. I discovered one issue with adMob (and other LeadBolt, as I am using it) that might affect ratings and reviews.

Anyone experienced reviews like “It got virus! Don’t download!”? Me too. And guess what - it’s not from me. So I thought - it must be something with ad networks SDK’s. I was close. It’s ads. Ads, that say, that You have a virus and need a scan. Today I realized how terrible ad is that for people that are not so aware that it’s only an ad.

So my question is: does anyone knows how to disable antivirus ads in adMob? I really think it might alter rating and downloads as well.

Thats a good point. I´d like to know that, too…

it’s outrageous for those ads to be approved by admob in the first place.

It possible, Go to “Manage Setting” of your app and then use “Text Filters”, enter a word like “virus” form now all ads with “virus” will not display on your app. (Old admob)

The old Admob had a text filter, but the new one doesn’t. You can only block certain ad networks within Admob/URLs/Categories. Unless someone can come up with the URLs for these ads, I don’t see any easy way around it.

I’m just curious how much rating would be better with virus ads blocked. If anyone will come up with idea how to block this - please share. I will send mail to google - maybe they’ll respond.